Curated by JW Rooted Home Diffuser Refill

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The new fragrance, Rooted by JW Marriott is the perfect addition to your Home Diffuser. The Rooted Home Diffuser Refill will provide your home space with the calming scent of sycamore wrapped in purifying safe combined with uplifting herbs, cedarwood and sandalwood to elevate your spirits. Sweet tonka bean and amber come together to soothe your soul.

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A JW Marriott Exclusive

Signature Rooted scent

Sycamore wrapped in sage combined with herbs, cedarwood and sandalwood, plus sweet tonka bean and amber

Fragrance diffuser cartridge lasts approximately 300 hours

Freshens approximately 800 square feet

Requires one home diffuser machine sold separately

5.25" H x 5.25" W